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             In the realization of their unusual wisdom and foresight was born CIS, with the vision of ‘Empowering young minds towards a progressive and humane society’. Over the past 14 years, we have been passionately engaged and deeply engrossed in a mission to create a happy, caring, secure, value-based and stimulating environment for our learners, with a creative and effective integration of technology across the whole curriculum, to prepare citizens of tomorrow who are intellectually sharp, physically sound, socially responsible and morally and ethically upright. I am happy and proud to say that our journey thus far has been intensely satisfying and extremely enriching, although there is a lot more we need to accomplish.         

Cauvery International School has been  started off with 18 students and 3 teachers in the trust office. In 2010, we moved into our own with student strength of 250 ranging from Preschool to Class 6. Today, CIS stands with student strength of 776, from Classes LKG to Class XII. 
          The Teaching-Learning experience at our School is designed to be holistic by making it interdisciplinary, integrated, project-based, and constructive. Learning is extended well beyond the prescribed syllabus and text books. Creativity, innovation, civic engagement, communication, collaboration, accountability, initiative, responsibility and leadership are the ‘tools of the trade’ in our school. Cooperative and collaborative learning styles make the students responsible for their own learning along with imparting valuable social lessons. We also incorporate understanding of the natural world and appreciation of human diversity into every aspect of our curriculum. The school environment is contemporary, peaceful, student-friendly, inclusive and scholastic, wherein technologies of the present blend harmoniously with the age-old wisdom of the past. Concepts and information explored in classrooms and textbooks are blended with real-life experience through field trips/visits, interaction with experts, music and dance etc. 
          The bedrock of our institution, apart from the presence of a progressive and enlightened management, is a team of dedicated, caring and passionate educators, who have strong instructional competence, professional growth and individual excellence. The regular and rigorous professional development programs offered to the teachers and their constant efforts to empower themselves with contemporary pedagogical approaches and practices keep our team of educators, true learners of the art and science of facilitation. As a professional learning community, we are committed to sustaining a student-friendly and stress-free environment in our school, which is a precondition for true learning to happen and flourish. 
          A healthy compatibility between the school and the parents with regard to the vision and mission of the institution, its philosophy and its approaches to teaching and learning, is a prerequisite for its effective functioning. We are proud to be blessed with a very active and supportive community of parents. They have been our constructive critics, benign guides and active supporters all through past 14 years. We fondly cherish their association with us by welcoming their participation in the various programmes at our School, as guests, resource persons, facilitators and volunteers on various occasions through the academic year. We are confident that we can always count on them and, as an institution; we look forward to their continued patronage and guidance.
          We believe that our school should be an asset to society, and its engagement with the community should be productive, meaningful and sustaining. Hence, we have never missed an opportunity to throw open our own facilities to the society, especially to the teachers and students of our neighbourhood, including those of government schools, to further their learning, and to kindle and promote their curiosity. Our teachers and students have always been at the forefront of any program aimed at creating civic sense, environmental sensitivity and social responsibility. 
           The efficacy of the fertile and free atmosphere for education that prevails in our institution is made visible through the achievements of our students over the past years. Our students have been demonstrating their prowess almost from day one, representing the institution in various events within the district, at the state and national levels, in both scholastic and co-scholastic events. Their exemplary performance reveals them to be self-motivated and self-directed bundles of talent. In the recent past, the students are winning prestigious awards, scholarships and national championships. The school has also produced brilliant sportspersons who have performed exceedingly well at the state and national in their chosen fields.
         With our unique resources, both human and physical, under the guidance of our Management and the patronage of our parent community we, at CIS, undertake the task of creating learners who will have global skills and competencies, and be prepared to forge new paths, while being devoted to lofty ideals and passionate about their purpose. We embark on this arduous task with humility, faith, love, joy and great eagerness. 
        According to Aristotle “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”. That’s how we endeavour constantly to instil values & culture in our education system. Definitely we are happy to help our students grow and develop into sensitive and responsible citizens of India.