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Cauvery International School has Maths club, Science Club, English Literary Association, Tamil Literary Association, Hindi Literary Association, Social Science club, Fine Arts club & Sports club etc.

Guest Lecture

Eminent speakers from various fields address the students on interesting topics.

Field Trips

              Fields Trips are conducted as an extensive learning experience based on the curriculum. Cauvery International School organizes field trips like visits to the Fire station, Super market, Railway Station, Aerodrome, Petrol station and home for the Blind, Science centre, Post office etc., for the young age groups. Field trips differ according to the age, syllabus and maturity level of the students.

House System

To encourage a healthy competitive spirit among the students we propose to have a house system starting from nursery.


The house system inculcates the qualities of leadership, cooperation, mutual understanding, tolerance and self reliance, various activities like evaluation, dramatics, quiz, group singing, dance, sports etc. are organized to build team spirit.

Day Celebration

The various Festivals and Special days will have grand celebrations.

International Trips

International Educational trips are organised to Foreign Countries in which the students of GIS will get an exposure of International Education, cultures and historical values.